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Fort Collins | Denver | Golden

Accelerating entrepreneurship and job creation, Innosphere is a 501c3 nonprofit technology incubator formed to accelerate the development and success of high-impact scientific and technology startup companies. In promoting the development of a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, Innosphere currently provides support to 39 entrepreneurial startup companies with resources such as assistance with raising capital, help in assembling solid management teams, access and connections with academic and government institutions, a network of advisors and mentors, discounted professional service providers, and educational and networking opportunities. In 2013, Innosphere startups raised $35 million in risk capital and created 300 high wage jobs in Colorado

Innosphere Locations:

  • Innosphere headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Innosphere at CREED/NREL office located in Golden, Colorado which serves to expand Innosphere’s cleantech program 
  • Innosphere at INDUSTRY located in Denver, Colorado which serves to expand Innosphere's digital health program